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-    Edu & More is an excellent language school for people who have busy working lives but nevertheless want to advance their Polish language skills. The individual lessons are tailor-made to suit one’s personal needs, availability and learning progress. Teachers change every six months or so to familiarize the student with the full spectrum of different accents and teaching methods. The two teachers I have so far had have both been highly qualified and professional. Moreover, they’ve been super friendly and a lot of fun to communicate with. I can highly recommend Edu & More as an outstanding school for professionals learning Polish as a foreign language..

Stefan Stantejsky, Deputy Head of Advantage Austria in Poland, (Индивидуальный курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, poziom A1)

-    Школа Edu&More будет идеальным выбором для тех, кто ищет высокую эффективность занятий и индивидуальный подход. Узкий профиль школы свидетельствует о сосредоточенье внимания на своей деятельности, что гарантирует несомненное качество преподавания. Распределение на группы, англо-говорящие – славяне, позволяет подобрать наиболее подходящий материал для слушателей курса, соответственно их языковым особенностям, а также придерживаться оптимального темпа обучения. Гибкость подхода позволяет каждому слушателю выбрать наиболее подходящий для него метод обучения: выполнение домашних заданий исходя из материалов, полученных на занятиях, а также доступ к интернет-платформе, которая позволяет вернуться к обучению даже на расстоянии. Дополнительным преимуществом интернет-платформы является возможность вернуться к необходимой лексической или грамматической теме в любой момент. Комплексная программа, грамматика-лексика, с упором на практические упражнения (непосредственное производство речи) позволяет достичь наилучших результатов в кратчайшие сроки. Исходя из собственного опыта, могу смело сказать, что данная школа подготавливает как к повседневному общению, так и к специализированным темам. Также хотелось бы отметить дружескую, непринужденную атмосферу занятий благодаря терпеливым, позитивно расположенным преподавателям с большим чувством такта и любовью к своему делу. Благодаря им даже после напряженного рабочего дня и учебы в университете, занятия польского всегда проходили легко и приятно.

Anna Chomicz, Ukraine, (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business - Polish for Life & Studies, уровень B1, B2, C1)

-  Edu & More is a great school with super teachers. Studying on the internet platform is very efficient and, most important, very manageable. Whenever you have a little time at work in front of the computer, you can just go to the site and study a bit. No need to carry books, papers etc around with you. And you never have the excuse that you just don’t have your materials available…..I can only recommend this method and epecially this school.

Armin Coerper, ZDF Warsaw, Germany (Индивидуальный курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень B1, B2)

-   I belive in "learning-by-doing", and this is exactly what is happening in Edu&More. That's why this is the most effective language course I have ever participated. Naprawdę polecam! :)

Ferenc Markolt, Hungary (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A2, B1)

-  I had the pleasure to take the A1 course in Edu&More in January and February 2015. I learned more than I expected during the course. My teacher Ewa was professional and used lots of different teaching techniques which made learning easier and more fun. I also appreciate her patience in teaching us and repeting many things over and over until we learned. I fully recommend Edu&More.

Silva, Finland (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A1)

-  What I'd heard earlier so many times from so many people about learning Polish language was quite discouraging. Anyhow, I decided to enroll in a course and it's just as well that I've done it in Edu&More.
Learning Polish here is highly efficient and enjoyable, thanks to their well-preprared materials, online lessons, friendly atmosphere and stuff.

Ümit Dertli, Turkey (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A1, A2)

-  The intensive language course in Edu&More fullfilled all my wishes and made me achieve the goal I had set to myself - learning basic Polish in a short period of time. The teaching method, based on combining e-learning online and intensive, communication-oriented small group classes enables students to grasp the Polish language quickly and effectively. Strong recommendation!".

Lassi Vainio, The Warsaw School of Economics, Finland (Интенсивный курс польского языка, уровень A1)

-  Jestem bardzo zadowolona z kursu. Dla mnie ten kurs był bardzo ważny i interesujący. Bez wyruszania z domu mogłam brać w nim udział, sama decydując w którym momencie będę zgłębiać wiedzę. Uzyskałam sporo wiedzy i dużo dobrej leksyki, z których na pewno skorzystam. Kurs pomógł mi poszerzyć i usystematyzować wiedzę!

Swietłana Istapienkowa, Smoleńsk, Rosja,  (курс польского языка онлайн: Polish for Life & Studies, poziom B2)

- Starting from knowledge zero about the Polish language, this course is a very good start to build up experience in a short time. I can recommend this course to everybody who likes to know more about the Polish language!

Peggy Jannes, ACP Belgium (курс польского языка онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A1)

-  I have visited Poland twice and I have friends there. So, last year I signed up to do Polish for Life and Studies, level A1. You can do the course in Warsaw but, as I live in England, I had the choice to do the course online. There is a time limit to complete the course but I didn't have to stick to a rigid timetable to complete each lesson. I did complete the course and receive a certificate. I think this course is the best Polish language course available anywhere. It contains very relevant and practical language material along with excellent teaching of grammar. It is presented very professionally. If there is something in the course that you don't understand, you can post a question on a forum on the website. I received answers to my questions very quickly. I think the fee for the course is very reasonable. I am very glad that I found this course, when I searched on the Internet. I was so delighted with the A1 course that I want to come back and do the next stage, which is A2. I absolutely recommend these courses to anyone who has the desire and is serious about learning Polish at an affordable cost. As I mentioned earlier, there is the option of studying in Warsaw or at home online!

Aidan Mullinder, Musician and songwriter, Great Britain (курс польского языка онлайн: Polish for Life & Study, уровень A1)

- I am enjoying the course and have recommended it to many others that I have come across in my work as a teacher trainer and materials writer in ELT!

Daniel Brayshaw, Great Britain (курс польского языка онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A2)

-I have been learning Polish for 2 years at Edu & More school. I passed the state exam of Polish language for foreigners reaching the level B1, and now I am preparing myself for the level B2. I am easily able to face everyday life, using written and spoken Polish at work to communicate with collegues and clients. I recommend teachers from Edu & More school, as they are competent, creative and able to motivate students to learning. Furthermore the school provides an interesting way of learning, combining conversations with individual lessons on its on-line platform.

Christian Gariboldi, Seregni Printing Group, Italy (Индивидуальный курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень B1, B2)

-  I have the pleasure to pick the right language school to learn Polish! Before starting to learn Polish, I was afraid of "not able to manage" to learn Polish while working in parallel. But Edu & More made it possible and I am learning the language. I have started to learn 6 months ago and I have self confidence now about learning Polish more and more. Teachers are component, flexible and able to motivate you. I can strongly recommend Edu&More with their program combining class trainings and online-learning perfectly!

Alper Gur, SNI Consulting, Turkey (Индивидуальный курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A1, A2, B1 - подготовка к сертификационному экзамену на польском языке)

-  I am very glad that I had an opportunity to study in Edu & More language school for foreigners.This school is one of the most reliable ways to learn Polish language quickly and effectively. Everything is planned in accordance with  students’ wishes. Cozy room, nice atmosphere, always helpful and friendly stuff – everything creates only positive impression. The learning program is developed in such a way, that you learn language from different sides at the same time. Grammar, vocabulary and life speech are integrated in one lesson. Also, I want to say a huge thanks to the online Polish courses, which are complementary to the overall course. First of all, you have an opportunity to review your online lesson, enhance it and repeat it whenever you want. The structure of online lessons is very convenient. First- you learn words and rules, then you have exercises to practice what you’ve just learned. Also, grammar and vocabulary help is available every time. Important to add, that lessons are created with funny pictures and animations, which makes the learning process more pleasant. I want to wish this school further success and prosperity.

Anna Kim, Kazakhstan (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Life & Studies, уровень A1)

-  Я изучаю польский язык в школе Edu & More с октября месяца. Я очень рада, что имею возможность изучать язык именно здесь, так как школа  имеет ряд преимуществ. Во первых, небольшие группы, что дает возможность каждому активно участвовать в процессе обучения.  Комнаты уютные и атмосфера очень дружественная. Во вторых, следует отметить компетентность и креативность преподавателей. Уроки всегда проходят интересно, благодаря разнообразию учебного процесса, что включает в себя как обучение в игровой форме, так и серьезные дискуссии на изучаемые темы. Также стоит отметить онлайн обучение, что позволяет каждому выбирать удобное время и темп для похождения материала. Более того, определенное количество тренировочных упражнений по каждому уроку, позволяет лучше закрепить материал. Также, каждый урок можно повторять неограниченное количество раз, если это требуется. Я очень довольна школой Edu & More. И могу рекомендовать ее, как удачный выбор для изучения польского языка.

Oksana Pankova, Ukraine (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Life & Studies, уровень B1)

-  I am very glad of Polish lessons in Edu and More School. By these lessons I can a little speak in Polish and understand Polish people.I learn polish for 2 months and my learning in this school make me to want to learn Polish more and more.

Simon Mkare Kalama (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Life & Studies, уровень A1, A2, B1)

-  Trước kia, tôi cứ nghĩ rằng học tiếng Ba Lan là rất khó, song điều này đã thay đổi khi tôi đến trường Edu&More và gặp cô giáo. Với cô mọi việc trở nên dễ dàng với phương pháp dạy tiếng rất tuyệt vời, đó là chấp nhận sự chưa thật hoàn chỉnh. Và tôi muốn nói với các bạn đang chuẩn bị học tiếng là các bạn hãy học, hãy nói và các cô giáo của trường Edu&More sẽ lắng nghe những câu nói chưa thật sự đúng của các bạn với tinh thần trách nghiệm cao nhất và sẽ từng bước hướng dẫn các bạn nói đúng, nói chuẩn xác với lòng tận tụy nhất. Xin một lần nữa nhắc các bạn đòi hỏi sự hoàn chỉnh trong việc học một ngôn ngữ, giống như sự hoàn chỉnh của một bài toán đẹp, sẽ là một sự sai lầm khi học một ngôn ngữ mới. Và việc các cô giáo của trường Edu&More, trong đó có cô giáo Dominika của tôi đã giải quyết một cách rất tuyệt vời. Học sinh lớn tuổi.

Darek Nguyễn, Vietnam (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Life & Studies, уровень A1, A2)

- Cám ơn trung tâm dạy tiếng Edu & More !
Tôi rất biết ơn và trân thành cám ơn trung tâm Edu & More và đội ngũ thầy cô của trường đã nhiệt tình giảng dạy, cung cấp tài liệu và giúp đỡ tôi tận tình trong việc học tập tiếng Ba Lan. Tiếng Ba Lan là một ngôn ngữ khó. Sau một thời gian dài sống ở Ba Lan, tôi vẫn gập nhiều khó khăn để hiểu về ngôn ngữ nơi đây. Có nhiều lúc tôi còn cảm thấy chán và mệt mỏi vì thứ ngôn ngữ phức tạp này. Nhưng từ khi tôi đến với trung tâm Edu & More, tôi đã thay đổi, tôi thấy thích thú ngôn ngữ Ba Lan sau từng giờ học. Cô giáo Dominika Uliczka  với những phương pháp hiện đại, vui vẻ, nhiệt tình đã giúp tôi trong thời gian rất ngắn để hoàn thành bài thi tiếng lấy bằng B1 tiếng Ba Lan. Đây là điều mà trước đó tôi ko bao giờ nghĩ mình có thể làm được.
Cám ơn trung tâm Edu & more và chúc các bạn luôn thành công và phát triển !

PHẠM Dương Quốc Tuấn, Vietnam (Курс - подготовка к сертификационному экзамену на польском языке, уровень B1)

-  Tôi là Ly Jakubiszyn hiện đang theo học lớp tiếng Ba Lan của cô. Tôi đã học được 2 tháng , tôi rất vui và phấn khởi khi được theo lớp học này. Tôi mơ ước mình sẽ nói được tốt tiếng Ba Lan, cám ơn cô đã mở ra lớp học để những người như tôi được biết đọc , viết tiếng Ba Lan khi đang sinh sống và làm việc trên đất nước này. Cám ơn cô đã giúp tôi thực hiện ước mơ của mình. Chúc cô luôn khỏe.

Ly Jakubiszyn, Vietnam (Групповый курс польского языка а также курс онлайн: Polish for Work & Business, уровень A2)

-  It was definitely a beneficial educational course. It had many intricate ways of teaching me how to get to know Poland and Polish better. It was very good in covering all the basic situations that a tourist might encounter, from ordering food, to visiting a doctor, to looking for specific Polish holiday activities. One feature the course has is the 'words in purple' that (when clicked on) describe a bit more about Polish culture in relation to a certain word or topic in the lesson. This is quite a unique and interesting aspect of this particular course. 
The course quickly progresses the student from the basics of numbers, days, and colours to listening to full speed normal conversations in Polish. The testing directly after the lessons, for me, was extremely helpful in making me understand which parts of the lesson I may not have paid enough attention to. It was also easy to go back within the same lesson, study again, and try the exercise again.
Of course, accessing the course from anywhere, online, is a great asset. It allowed me to study in my own time, for example, at midnight just as I was going to bed, or during a meal on my own, or first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. If I was able to study in person in Warsaw and also compliment my study with the online courses, I am sure it would be a short time before I was speaking like a native. Thank you to the team at Eduandmore!

Allison Baldasare, United States (курс онлайн: Polish for Tourists, уровень A1)

-  As a person who sings, plays mostly folk music and writes music, I found this course particularly interesting and enjoyable. It exceeded my expectations!

Aidan Mullinder, Musician and songwriter, Great Britain (урок онлайн: Musicians & Instruments)

-  Czesc Co slychac? I just thought I would let you know I am really enjoying the online course. It is excellent, so if you ever want a testimonial for your website I'll be happy to give one!

James, Great Britain (курс онлайн: Polish for Life & Studies, уровень A1)

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