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  Certify your proficiency level in Polish
and take an international ECL exam in Polish!

ECL exam

ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages) is EU languages exam, including Polish language, based on a uniform, reliable and valid standard assessing the proficiency of foreign languages. Its origins date to 1992, and its characteristic is comparability of exam results and certificates in all tested languages.

The network of exam centres comprises universities and language schools. Foreign Language Centre of Pécs University (Hungary) serves as a coordinating unit.

ECL exam profile

ECL certificate confirms written and/or spoken knowledge of general Polish language, in scope of topics connected with personal and professional life, in appropriate levels: A2, B1, B2, C1, compliant with Common European Framework of Reference.

ECL exam does not contain grammar tests; it focuses on practical communication skills and tests 4 language competences :

Written part:
  • - reading comprehension,
  • - writing skills.
Spoken part:
  • - listening comprehension,
  • - speaking skills.

  • - document necessary for obtaining a long-term EU resident permit
  • - acknowledging exam at many universities in the EU as well as in public institutions,
Upcoming ECL exam dates - 2023:

- November 25th : Polish language - levels: B1

Deadline for application: October 12th.

 Exam fee:   

- 140 Euro (complete exam: written part and oral part)

  We kindly invite you to join a preparatory course for the exam ECL in Polish language!

Five-week course curriculum covers  all you need to pass your ECL exam:
  • - intensive development of all skills focused on  ECL specification, objectives, topics,
  • - practical tips on ECL exam,
  • - trial exam.
Course fee (800 zł) includes:
  • - 20 lessons with a qualified teacher of Polish (5 weeks, 10 classes x 90 min.),
  • - all materials, including sample ECL tests.

You can join the preparatory course for ECL exam when you have completed courses in Polish at B1 level (or reach these levels on the placement test).

Preparatory course for ECL exam in Polish:  twice per week 
Lekcje dwa razy w tygodniu - 20 lekcji (czas trwania: 5 tygodni)TERMINY, ZAPISY
Level Description Days Hours Start date Sign up
B1 intermediate Mon-Wed
08:30 – 10:00  September 25th
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intermediate Mon-Wed 17:30 – 19:00
September 25th

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intermediate Mon-Wed 19:15 – 20:45
September 25th

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Sample test are available at: https://eclexam.eu/sample-test-polish/

More info and registration at : ecl@polishonlinenow.com

Członek Konsorcjum dla języka polskiego jako języka obcego
Krajowe Centrum Egzaminacyjne ECL w Polsce
Krajowe Centrum Sieci ECL w Polsce

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