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Why Polish?


Why us?

in teaching Polish as a foreign language

  • - we know how to teach effectively, ensuring comfort of learning at the same time,
  • - we offer a broad teaching programme, practical subjects, we don't teach unnecessary things,
  • - we also specialise in Polish business language - we have created the world's first
    complete course of Polish business language,
  • -our teachers are professionally educated in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

using the most up-to-date technologies

  • - we offer the most comprehensive and effective package of learning
    Polish available on the market,
  • - we use innovative and creative teaching techniques,
  • - besides many interactive exercises, we also offer tests to check your knowledge,
  • - we motivate to learn by interactive homework assignments,

students on every stage of their education

  • - we adjust pace of lessons and materials to students' possibilities and needs,
  • - we provide creative and nice learning atmosphere,
  • - we prepare for living, studying and working in Poland.

You can learn with us in Warsaw during full-time courses or online all over the world.

Check us out!

We would like to invite you to participate in our courses.
We are certain that we will teach you Polish.


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