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Edu & More reserves the right to introduce changes into the Privacy Policy. Customers of Edu & More and users of its websites are bound by current Privacy Policy.

Any introduced changes shall not affect the basic principle: Edu & More does not sell and does not make available personal information and addresses of customers or users of websites or courses thereof to third parties .

If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, please do not visit our websites and do not purchase products and services offered by Edu & More.

You have a permanent right to change your personal details or remove them from our database.

Personal details

1.    Using the websites belonging to Edu & More may require provision of your personal details by filling in a form or in other way. It usually concerns first name and e-mail address. In case of order forms, you will be requested to provide full personal details.

2.    We require only data necessary for our website to work. Failing to fill in required data will result in lack of functionality of activities, which the data concerned.

The free newsletters
1.    Obtained data are added to our mailing list of particular newsletters. E-mail addresses are necessary for us to send you our Newsletter and providing your first name lets us be on a first-name basis with you.

Purchasing access to e-learning courses

1.    Purchasing access to e-learning courses offered by Edu & More requires provision of more detailed data in the form. We have marked all obligatory fields.
2.    In case of card payments, including PayPal and automatic transfers, customer service is taken over by professional online payment system eCard. In this case eCard system is responsible for data provided in forms thereof. eCard forms have been placed on servers belonging to the system. They are encoded with appropriate, safe technologies. eCard S.A. guarantees top quality of services, in accordance with standards of international payment organizations – Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Unexpected news

1.    We reserve the right to send unexpected news to persons, contact details of whom we possess, and who have agreed for our Privacy Policy.
2.    Unexpected news is understood by Edu & More as information concerning directly websites, services and products thereof (e.g. changes, internal promotions) or non-commercial letters (e.g. wishes, personal comments etc.)
3.    Contact details concerning persons included in mailing lists of Edu & More are not available for entities which commission distribution of commercial e-mails.
4.    Commercial information is filtered at a highest possible level, its size is limited and it is sent rarely.
5.    In case of questions please e-mail us at:

Information in forms
1.    Website collects information provided freely by the user.
2.    Moreover, the website may save information about connection parameters (time, IP address).
3.    Website may also save information which will make it easier to link data in the form with an e-mail of the user filling in the form. In such a case, the e-mail of the user is shown inside the URL address of a page which includes the form.
4.    Data stated in the form are not made available to third parties, unless consent of the user is granted.
5.    Data stated in the form are processed in the way resulting from a function of the given form, e.g. in order to process a lesson inquiry, Polish language course or request for business contact function.

Information about cookies
9.    Website uses cookies.
10.    Cookies are IT data, text files in particular, which are stored in a terminal unit of the website user, and they are devoted to using webpages of the Website. Cookies usually include the name of the webpage they come from, time they are stored in the terminal unit as well as a unique number.  Content of cookies does not allow user identification. Personal details are not processed or stored using these files.
11.    Website operator is an entity placing cookies in the terminal unit of the website user and gaining access thereto.
12.    Cookies are used for the following reasons:
a.    creating statistics with Google Analytics which help to understand how Website Users take advantage of the website, which will enable improvement of its structure and content;
b.    identifying first entry to the website or first entry after deleting cookies in order to show a correct message concerning privacy policy;
c.    promoting on social networking sites. The page includes Facebook plug-in with “Like” button which causes setting own cookies to identify a user and personalise plug-in content;
d.    authenticating a registered user and make it possible to purchase a course without the necessity of a new registration;
e.    making it possible for the registered users to use courses of Polish as a foreign language, tests and other tools on our e-learning platform. Our e-learning platform uses cookies in order to:
-    authenticate a registered user and store the so called session key. Thanks to this solution, only single registration is sufficient to have access to the whole course (all lessons). Cookies can be used to store control information in order to prevent abuse and illegal authorisation within the platform.
-    store preferences on the platform and positions in lessons. Cookies may be also used for some online learning tools or as an aid to register progress on the platform.
13.    Within the website, two basic types of cookies are used: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in user’s terminal unit until he is logged out, leaves the webpage or closes application (internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored in user’s terminal unit by a specified period of time in cookies parameters or until they are removed by the user.
14.    Applications used to browse the Internet (Internet browser) usually allow storing cookies in user’s terminal unit by default. Website users may change settings in this respect. Internet browser allows deleting cookies. It is also possible to automatically block cookies. Detailed information is included in help or documentation of Internet browser.
15.    Limitations of using cookies may influence some functionalities available on website pages (including the platform and online courses of Polish).
16.    We recommend reading privacy policies of these companies to learn about rules of using cookies in statistics: Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Server logs
1.    Information on some types of user behaviour is logged in a server layer. These data are used exclusively in order to administer the website and to provide the most efficient hosting services.
2.    Browsed resources are identified by URL addresses. Moreover, the following elements may be saved:
a.    inquiry delivery time;
b.    reply sending time;
c.    client’s station name – identification by HTTP protocol;
d.    information on errors during HTTP transaction;
e.    URL address of a webpage previously visited by the user (refer link) – in case visiting the Website took place by a link;
f.    information concerning user’s browser;
g.    information on IP address.
3.    The abovementioned data are used only to administer the server.

Data provision
1.    Data are made available to external entities exclusively within legally permitted boundaries.
2.    Data which make it possible to identify a natural person are made available only upon consent of such person.
3.    It may be the Operator’s obligation to provide information collected by the Website to authorised bodies based on legal requests in the scope resulting from such request.

Cookies management – how practically grant and withdraw consent?
1.    If a user does not want to receive cookies, he may change browser settings. Please be informed that disabling cookies necessary for authentication and safety processes as well as storing user’s preferences may hinder and, in extreme situations, make it impossible to use www pages.
2.    In order to manage cookies settings, choose the Internet browser from the list below which you use and follow instructions:
o    Internet Explorer
o    Chrome
o    Safari
o    Firefox
o    Opera
Mobile devices:
o    Android
o    Safari (iOS)
o    Windows Phone
o    Blackberry

Release from liability

We have created courses which are available on this website, to make learning Polish possible in an effective way. Although teaching materials, exercises and tests have been prepared in accordance with the best practices concerning teaching Polish and e-learning, they have to be effective for everybody on a same level, and they depend on systematic work of students. Opinions expressed in comments and in any other way by forum members, are not always similar to ours.

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