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About us

We have a passion to teach others, whilst learning ourselves.
The question: "What have you learnt lately?" inspires us.

We believe, that the Internet will allow us to reach everyone,
who has searched for the phrases learn Polish, Polish for foreigners
or Polish online at least once.
Polish for foreigners
Polish for foreigners

Located in Warsaw, Edu & More is a leading school of Polish as a foreign language, applying the blended-learning method, which means that class-based courses are complemented with interactive online self-study, thus increasing learning effectiveness by up to 50%. 

We offer Polish language courses and lessons via the following mediums:
  • - At each level, in the form of class-based individual and group lessons in the centre of Warsaw:
  • With high-quality courses in mind we created a practical teaching programme. We provide you with all materials, making sure they are genuine, updated and authentic. While teaching we put the same emphasis on all language competences and efficiently motivate our students.
  • - In online form, interactive Polish online courses and lessons:
  • are available at any place and any time, at 4 levels (A1-B2)
  • which can be complemented with conversations with Polish teacher in our virtual classroom.
  • Our e-learning platform and  Polish language online courses have been created thanks to our experience. But they are also the results of many conversation with foreigners. We have listened carefully to what they like, what they don’t understand and why. We asked what makes them irritated, what makes them interested etc. Interactive courses, lessons and even single screens have been prepared in such a way that you can benefit and develop competences in Polish.
If you are interested in an efficient group or individual Polish language course in Warsaw,
feel free to visit us, do the placement test and find out more about our teaching methods.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of studying on your own, check out our demo lesson and contact us.
We will help you choose the best self-study option for you!

Poles are famous for hospitality. We want you to make our platform or our school your home.
We are proud of every foreigner who has put the effort into learning Polish. 

We are waiting for you.

Our institutional and corporate Clients, i.e.:

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