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Why & How?

Advantages of e-learning of Polish language for foreigners

Learn Polish effectively, as well in an interesting and practical way. Start speak Polish now.
The Polish lessons and courses on have been created that way.

Save time
You don’t waste time on travels. You can learn Polish whenever you planned it, but also in any free time and at any place. You just need to log on to a platform to access Your Polish course.
  Be an autodidact
You have your own learning pace and language knowledge level.  A group doesn’t distract you, you don’t have to wait for anybody if you’re better. And you don’t have to be stressed if you’re behind.

Check the prices
Compare the prices of full-time Polish course and e-learning course. Learning Polish online is cheaper and expected language proficiency very similar.
   Appreciate possibility of revisions
In order to remember something for a long time you have to revise it, preferably in different intervals.  E-learning offers such possibility. With access to all Your Polish lessons, you can go back and consolidate the material.
Order a “tailor made” Polish lesson
If a subject which you need or find interesting hasn’t been prepared by us, order such a lesson. We’ll prepare it specially for you, to satisfy your language needs and to make it possible for you to use the acquired knowledge in practice.
   Correct the mistakes
E-learning offers a lot of exercises and a stress-free possibility to learn from your own mistakes. Exercises teach language correctness and influence fluent knowledge of Polish language.
Learning Polish individually on a platform allows full engagement. Thanks to graphic and interactive exercises you immerse in the Polish language completely and learning becomes nicer and more effective.
    Stay in touch with others
Try to establish contact in Polish from the first lesson. The platform gathers people who are interested in learning Polish, just like you. Exchange experiences and find interesting facts about Poland from the service.

Four steps to success, to make online learning of Polish efficient.

  Learn regularly

A method of small but regular steps. Take a look at Your Polish lessons every day,
even to learn a single screen. Work out a habit of learning every day.

  Use the forum and social network tools

Language means communication.  Join our discussion forum from the first lesson.
Each new Polish word or even the shortest conversation will be your success. 

  Revise the material

Come back to lessons which were more difficult for you or which you need more. The subscription allows you to do it many times, until you’re certain that you’ve achieved a satisfactory level of proficiency of a given issue.

  Do exercises and quizzes

Revise exercises and quizzes. They allow you to check how well you’ve consolidated the material. Innovation of the platform as well as concern for your comfort will make exercises interesting.


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