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elementary level (min. 60 teaching hours)
Learning basic vocabulary and structures, which is useful in everyday life and at work. Everyday situations make an inspiring base for further education. Practicing comprehension and creating easy grammar structures and messages. This level prepares to use Polish in everyday, routine situations. Level for absolute beginners :) 

You'll need an interpreter during meetings and contacts :), but you'll begin to understand Polish words and start having Polish conversations!


basic level (min. 90 teaching hours)
Extending everyday vocabulary and creating structures. Understanding and creating general messages, known to a student. Situations extending everyday life, learning to create sentences about general topics. This level allows to establish contacts and makes it easier to adapt in Poland at work, university and in everyday communication situations.

You've got the chance to understand Polish if you know the subject and a speaker will speak slowly.


intermediate level (min. 90 teaching hours)
Extending language competences. Learning to understand and create expressions and texts about topics extending known and typical situations. Improving grammar correctness of used structures. This level allows to participate in conversations not only about general topics, but also gives possibility to define views and express own opinions.


During conversations about general and known topics you should manage without a dictionary.


upper intermediate level (min. 90 teaching hours)
Expanding vocabulary and complex structures. Preparing for free conversations about any topic. Creating expanded messages concerning specialist and abstract topics. Level of language fluency in every situation.


You won't need a dictionary. You manage linguistically in most situations.

Now you work on style and originality of your statements.


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