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Why Polish?


Individual courses

Polish courses that will meet your expectations!

Individual Polish language courses are a perfect solution at the beginning of your time in Poland for breaking the language barrier and for getting solid basics which will make learning Polish easier and faster.

It is also a great opportunity to improve individual areas requiring development, e.g.:

  • - consolidation of fluency and accuracy in speaking Polish,
  • - writing in Polish (everyday or formal communication),
  • - explanation and consolidation of Polish grammar,
  • - training in specialist or specific vocabulary and structures,
  • - preparation for the certified exam (BUWiWM)
    or the international exam of Polish language (ECL)

Choose an individual Polish course
- you will long for more ...

If you decide to choose an individual course, we offer: 
  • - a tailor-made teaching curriculum,
  • - a flexible schedule and lesson times,
  • - an online course in Polish, integrated with a full-time course,
  • - the possibility to choose a teacher, 
  • - all necessary materials, including audio files ,
  • - individual phonetic workshops,
  • - participation in events for students of the school,
  • - the possibility to continue an individual course or join a group,
  • - practical, guided lessons in Warsaw and, on demand, study sessions on interesting or historical places in Poland.

Individual lessons may take place at Edu & More school (Nowogrodzka 44)
or at a venue of a student’s choice – at an office or at home.

We would like to invite individuals, companies and institutions
to check our offer of individual Polish language courses.

For more information, feel free to call 22 622 14 41 or e-mail your enquiry at

Our institutional and corporate Clients, i.e.:


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