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About ECL exam

 Confirm your level of Polish language proficiency and get an international ECL certificate
in Polish language!

About ECL exam

ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages) is EU languages exam,
including Polish language, based on a uniform, reliable and valid standard assessing the proficiency of foreign languages.  

Its origins date to 1992, and its characteristic is comparability of exam results and certificates in all tested languages.
The exam is accredited by EALTA (European Association for Language Testing and Assessment).

The network of exam centres comprises universities and language schools.
Foreign Language Centre of Pécs University (Hungary) serves as a coordinating unit.

ECL exam profile

ECL certificate confirms written and/or spoken knowledge of general Polish language, in scope of topics connected with personal and professional life, in appropriate levels: A2, B1, B2, C1, compliant with Common European Framework of Reference.
ECL exam does not contain grammar tests; it concentrates on practical communication skills and tests 4 language competences:

Written part:
  • - reading comprehension,
  • - writing skills.
Spoken part:
  • - listening comprehension,
  • - speaking skills.

  • - certified knowledge of Polish language at the international labour market is an additional asset, 
  • even if your job is not directly connected with Poland,
  • - knowledge of the less widely taught languages, e.g. Polish language, is favourable for employers,
  • - acknowledging exam at many universities in the EU as well as in public institutions,
  • - confirmation of knowing Polish with and exam increases motivation for systematic learning.

Next dates of ECL exam:

- June 13th, 2014: Polish language - levels  A2, B1, C1.
- June 14th, 2014: Polish language - level  B2.

Deadline for an application is May 15th, 2014

- December 4th, 2014: Polish language - level A2.
- December 5th, 2014: Polish language - levels  B1, C1.
- December 6th, 2014 : Polish language - level  B2.

Deadline for an application is November 6th, 2014

Exam fee:

- 80 Euro (complete exam: oral and written part)
- 48 Euro (partial exam: oral or written part)

More info, including dates of preparatory courses for ECL exam:

Test samples: International ECL Exam Centre - Foreign Language Centre of the University of Pécs

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National ECL Exam Centre in Poland
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